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We are happy to support Kuddle life foundation to restore the coastal eco system trough artificial reef and help fishermen villages to protect the coast with sustainable artisanal fishing.

Artificial Reef

With an artificial reef building programme, Kuddle Life Foundation strives to rebuild a vibrant marine ecosystem in the no-trawling zone to support livelihood, earning for fishing communities via the practice of sustainable artisanal fishing. Artificial Reefs provide marine life with the anchor they need to grow and for us to get an understanding of how such ecosystems develop. This understanding will help us, then create scalable programs.

Pollution and waste management

We are facing an unprecedented scale of pollution and waste ending up in the oceans. We want to play our part in making a difference with activities such as beach clean-ups, underwater clean-up dives and awareness programs amongst our wider communities. We want to bring learning and best-practices from around the world and implement impactful measures locally based on the principals to reduce, re-use and re-cycle.

Marine Fish & Mammal Rescue

Marine fish & mammal rescue programs are specialized programs requiring highly-experienced and trained experts as well as robust infrastructure and use of growing technologies and tools. We aspire to join a network of similar establishments and collectively build a world-leading program for India.

Education & Outreach

Our education and research program aims to connect with children & adults from various segments of society and different communities to sensitize them about the challenges faced by the marine world. We also plan to work with multiple stakeholders and promoting ways of life and sustainable solutions. There is no better learning than experiencing, and we want to create programs that permit a maximum number of people to experience marine life and build awareness of issues surrounding it.


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