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LOV13 - March 08. 2023 - THE SPOT

Updated: Mar 12, 2023

Fabien aka LOV13 is a French DJ based out Pondicherry. He is also a trained sound engineer who has worked in the live music industry in Paris, followed by a decade as a sound space designer in India, specializing in sound system design and optimization.

The Law Of Vibration states that in order to materialize something, you must first match thevibration of what you want.

LOV13 is an incredibly versatile artist who has the exceptional skill to deeply connect with

the energy of his audience and take them on a journey of ever-expanding and ever-intensifying frequencies. Ranging from deep melodic house to acid techno, and everything in between, and beyond, Fabien crosses genres to create that perfect love affair between the artiste and his dance floor.

His unique craft landed him the role as resident artist of Krank – India’s favourite boutique



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